3D Modeling App v1.15.12 Apk Mod (Unlocked Premium)

3D Modeling App

APK Mod for the 3D Modeling App 3D designs and drawings are easy to use and develop. designing, sculpting, making, and painting models.

Application name: 3D Modeling App
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Version App: 1.15.12
Informations: Unlocked Premium
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3D Modeling App mod

A 3D modeling application allows you, using motions on your cell phone or tablet, to build 3D models, objects, artwork and infographics, paintings, 3D characters and 3D games on the go. Our 3D editing tool makes the difference

A 3D modeling app allows you to create 3D models, products, artwork, infographics, paintings, 3D characters and 3D games on the go. Our 3D enhancement and editing tool is different from other mature illustration programs.

Using motion, you can move, rotate and zoom 3D images and objects with a quick tap of the tools. Users can then select multiple vertices, sides, features and objects by long-clicking or drawing frames. Vertex features in 3D geometry are used to combine, join and generate faces. With the side tools, you only need one finger to draw a cut all at once or by picking one point at a time, create new edge loops, close a hole, pick a loop (also with double tap), overwrite, delete, pick a ring, create 3D faces using the edge side, etc. (fill the hole).

Extract, draw the face with specific points, detach, duplicate, double-tap to select the shell, reverse and erase are examples of gadgets for the face. All element tools include merge/separate, duplicate, mirror, smooth, split and soft/hard normalize. In addition, move, display, push, drag and smooth options are available; brush size and roughness can be changed. Visualization tools include a grid with adjustable dimensions and break values, as well as visualization information such as number of triangles, distance between vertices and edge size.

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Images and 3D objects can be scaled, rotated and moved using gestures. Quickly switch tools. Users can then select multiple vertices, edges, faces and objects with a long press or by drawing frames. Vertex tools in 3D geometry are used to merge, join and form faces. A finger is required for each of the following operations with the vertex tools: cutting loops (creating new vertex loops), selecting loops (also by double-tapping), extruding, deleting, selecting a ring, creating a 3D face using a boundary edge, etc.

Embossing, drawing faces with predefined points, tearing, cloning, double-clicking to select a shell, undo and delete are some of the face tools. Object tools include combine/separate, clone, mirror, smooth, split and soft/hard normalize. In addition, sculpting tools include move, shift, push, stroke and smooth options, as well as the ability to change brush size and strength. Display features include a grid with customizable snap settings, as well as displays showing the number of triangles present, vertex spacing and edge length.


How to model a 3D object in an app?

The ideal technique to model a 3D object in an app can vary depending on the particular app you are using, hence there is no universally applicable solution to this topic. To make a 3D model of your thing, you will often require a program for 3D modeling. You may export the model to the app when you’ve finished creating it.


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