DW Contacts & Phone & SMS v3.2.1.2 APK free Mod/Patched Download

DW Contacts & Phone & SMS v3.2.1.2 APK (Mod + Patched) Download
App Name DW Contacts & Phone & SMS
Publishing company DWP
Size 15M
Version APP
Informations Mod + Patched
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The Phone, Contacts, and SMS programs that came preinstalled on your phone can be replaced by the robust app DW Contacts & Phone & SMS APK.

Amenities For Sms

  • getting ready to send
  • whenever a contact’s birthday or anniversary comes around, text them a blessing.
  • When sending bulk SMS messages using templates, the recipients’ names are automatically inserted.

Contact-Based Features

  • Completely search all fields on the contact (notes, addresses, emails, relationships…)
  • Group management contacts and help with group nesting
  • Contact-based reminders and task lists
  • Contact sharing via text with a field selection option
  • By group, company, position, province, city, or zip code, contacts can be filtered.
  • You can choose contacts by combining a number of contact filtering approaches using the flexible multi-select mode. You can generate ringtones, export contacts, share, export messages, and export emails to specific recipients.
  • A contact list view that may be customized to display the person’s name, company, position, phone number, and notes… Additional approaches for sorting
  • Include all pertinent information in the contact details. Examples include SMS, tasks, connected events, call statistics, call history, and call history statistics. You can also connect contacts to your own data.
  • includes HD avatar and group information for contacts when backing up and restoring them via vCard.
  • Before your contact’s birthday or anniversary, let you know.

Amenities For Phone

  • Unlimited call history; you are allowed to record each discussion in order to keep track of how your assignment is coming along.
  • Caller ID and contact details on voicemail.
  • Redialing at will. Long-press the dial button to make a call using the installed VoIP application.
  • It is possible to program incoming call firewalls to activate at specific times, intercepting erroneous calls or business calls placed outside of regular business hours.
  • While the phone is ringing, the In call widget displays caller information and prior call notes so you may get to know the other party before the conversation starts. You can add call-specific notes and task reminders after the call has begun.
  • Call statistics can estimate the duration of a call and warn you when the free call limit is approaching.
  • Using T9 calling and contact name search contacts, you may quickly find the contact you require.
  • Up to 10,000 actions to call, text, or send mail can be specified in the quick action storage. Dial a “storage location plus a # symbol,” for instance, 100#, to perform a quick action.
  • Adjustable dial height, left and right positions, and one-handed operation
  • Dual-card support
  • automatic group-based dialing prefix addition, automatic call record deletion, and automatic ringtone
  • The text’s transparency, color, and size are all editable. Flexible settings for appearance
  • Accessibility is compatible with TalkBack.


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