Fast Scanner v4.6.4 APK free MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download

Fast Scanner v4.6.4 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download

You may use Fast Scanner to scan documents from an Android device, print them off, and then send them to everyone through email or PDF. Additionally, the application allows you to store pdf files to your phone and open them in a variety of different programs.

App Name Fast Scanner
Publishing company CoolMobileSolution
Size 26M
Version APP 4.6.4
Informations Pro Features Unlocked
Get going Google Play

Fast Scanner is the phone app you most need if you’re wondering what program might assist you in your task, particularly when turning other files into PDFs. With the help of this app, you can use sticky notes or larger papers as a scanner on your Android device. It allows you to easily create papers that you can email or print on ordinary paper for everyone. On the device, papers can also be saved and opened from other programs.

Fast Scanner – PDF Scan App

Scan Documents Quickly Fast Scanner

Regardless of whether you are a working person or a student, this application will help you increase your job efficiency. No matter what kind of document it is, the application will provide the finest user experience, particularly speedy document scanning. You may scan documents rapidly with Fast Scanner, whether they are on a small notepad or a book with numerous pages. guarantees scans in less than three seconds and produces sharper results than anticipated.

Fast Scanner For Documents To Pdf Conversion

Everyone’s gadget will need to have Fast Scanner, notably office workers and students. Because it scans documents rapidly and delivers the output in clear PDF format, you may email it to someone else to print or share it with everyone. the paperwork you scanned with this program. Once the document has been converted to a pdf file, you are free to alter it. For example, you can add or remove unnecessary document pages and bookmark crucial sections.

Fast Scanner – PDF Scan App Fast Scanner – PDF Scan App

Fast Scanner – Send Documents By Email

Since we are in the era of technology, everything can be done rapidly, including the processing and distribution of documents. When you use our program to complement your work, it will be further optimized, guaranteeing a rise in productivity. At that moment, in addition to instantly scanning documents, the application will also prompt you to log into your account in order to use it. To print a paper, simply scan the desired documents and select “Send to People or Address.”

Fast Scanner For Editing Scanned Files

As you are aware, Fast Scanner scans documents incredibly quickly; results that were satisfactory in less than 10 seconds have been obtained. Any document you scan with this application will be saved as a picture or a pdf file, as promised. Due to issues with scanning, you can quickly change copies of papers to make them simpler to read. Everything is made simple, and once the scanning is complete, a selection of alternatives display on the smartphone.

Open Files Via Different Applications Quick Scanner

Users might need to take on even more work. Similar to tailoring the clarity, providing the document to everyone, and making the document as logical as possible all require time. But when our app enables you to get the most out of your work, that won’t be the case anymore. You can transmit papers to other applications or save them in the cloud to print with only this one app.

Fast Scanner – PDF Scan App Fast Scanner – PDF Scan App

Anywhere Work

We will keep any papers you scan with Fast Scanner private and won’t share them with anyone unless you send us a message. It can be argued that this is the only program you can use on both your phone and any device, and users can print documents using Cloud Print or whatever printing application they are accustomed to using. I should emphasize that there is no maximum number of papers you can scan with this tool.

  • This app makes your Android device into a powerful scanner, allowing you to swiftly scan any document, including sticky notes and multi-page novels.
  • All scanned papers from this application are exported in pdf format, and users are allowed to make changes to any file they choose, including adding bookmarks and deleting unnecessary document pages.
  • Sharing documents is easy; just scan the desired papers or document files and email them to everyone, along with the address where they should be printed.
  • The scanned document will appear as an image or file after being scanned, and the application will teach you how to alter it to make it easier to read.
  • Document backup services are available for free, and you may even save files to the cloud or rapidly fax them when exporting them to other programs.


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