JotNot Pro – PDF Scanner v2.0.2 APK (Paid) Download

JotNot Pro - PDF Scanner v2.0.2 APK (Paid) Download

The top-notch document scanner JotNot Pro produces intriguing and accurate results while exporting the content into many formats appropriate for document operations.

App Name JotNot Pro – PDF Scanner
Publishing company MobiTech 3000 LLC
Size 16M
Version APP 2.0.2
Informations Pro Features Unlocked
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With the help of JotNot Pro, anyone may scan documents with the greatest possible quality and even have the quality corrected automatically. Additionally, it has several sophisticated functions that process or scan documents swiftly and automatically rather than laboriously. Naturally, it also offers comprehensive compatibility for a variety of formats and will provide everyone with the comforts they require to enhance the functionality of any associated documents.

JotNot Pro – PDF Scanner App JotNot Pro – PDF Scanner App


The main purpose of JotNot Pro is to assist users in scanning all paper documents to accurately and flawlessly convert them to digital documents. It can automatically process everything after scanning any text document and even documents with brilliant color images. It also makes the most of the camera’s capabilities and provides users with astounding discoveries for reading any writing within, regardless of the language.

The Handwritten Document Should Be Converted To Digital Jotnot Pro – Pdf Scanner

The application can instantly translate handwritten letters into digital paragraphs using AIs in addition to the highest quality scanning. Additionally, it is capable of recognizing all handwritten languages, guaranteeing complete correctness even if customers lack faith in the elegance of their handwriting. When converting any content to digital documents, the application, of course, can recognize any other handwriting and supports numerous languages.

Identify Any Area(S) On The Document To Directly Scan Scan Pdfs With Jotnot Pro.

Identifying the necessary areas prior to a scan and assisting in the elimination of unnecessary portions is the best thing JotNot Pro can offer to all users. The program can also create documents of various sizes without additional stitches while simultaneously scanning objects. The system automatically edits, balances, and does more to make any digital or handwritten information readable because of its capacity to recognize certain places on a document.

JotNot Pro – PDF Scanner App JotNot Pro – PDF Scanner App

Generate Pdf Files Using Easy Actions Full Of Detailed Customizations

All previously scanned content will be saved as individual photos, which the user can later combine into a PDF file. Users can add several items, including photographs, figures, charts, and other attachments, for simple sharing, and there is no restriction on the content that can fit in that one file. During the export procedure, numerous alternative formats will also show up, guaranteeing complete simplicity for everyone to quickly share all documents and offering numerous adjustments like renaming and more.

Add Additional Features For Some Documents

JotNot Pro is not only well-known and adored for its scanning and sharing capabilities, but it also includes tons of entertaining features to enhance everyone’s user experience. If they plan to share with other coworkers, the additional features like a password, fingerprint, tag, and more are helpful and improve security. In order to ensure that any document is always protected in the event that the original version is mistakenly lost, users can sync all data to cloud storage or other comparable destinations.

Automatic Document Editor And Straightforwardly Organize All Content Pdf Scanner Jotnot Pro

After scanning practically any document, the application automatically incorporates advanced editors to ensure that their quality is unaffected by the user’s scanning technique. To stabilize each document page, this entails eliminating backgrounds, adjusting the white balance, modifying the brightness, and filling in any gaps. To get the desired outcomes, users can also modify such system functionalities and enhance the application’s scanning performance.

JotNot Pro – PDF Scanner App JotNot Pro – PDF Scanner App

JotNot Pro is one of the greatest options for assisting users in handling all documents with the best quality possible, especially when scanned in challenging circumstances. It also has a variety of sophisticated tools to enhance quality or assist users in converting all documents into the required formats for simple sharing. After all, it must be customized for customers to always have the finest user experience a scanner can offer.

The Principals Scan Pdfs With Jotnot Pro.

  • a superb scanning capability with exceptional readability to produce the most precise documents, whether from a handwritten or digital source.
  • A built-in converter can quickly and accurately convert handwritten text into digital documents while saving users time.
  • To assist users in organizing their document material into specialized documents from well-specified information, an artificial AI with exciting features is provided.
  • Additional capabilities to comprehend each document, including the ability to attach passwords and other security measures to ensure strong protection for various vital papers.
  • Set up the scanned document in PDF format for viewing only while keeping all information secure. Convert the content into multiple files for simple distribution.


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