Quran Majeed Apk Mod v6.2.1 (Unlocked Premium)

Quran Majeed
Quran Majeed will definitely be an application incorporated right into the design of documents that bring among one of the most one-of-a-kind Quranic messages. Passionate yelling voices from the world’s best vocalists, among other characteristics, boost the application session.
Application name: Quran Majeed
Publishing company:
Size 100M
Version App: 6.2.1
Informations: Unlocked Premium
Get going: Google Play

Quran Majeed mod apk download

Quran Majeed is an application that can help its consumers in having impressive spiritual experiences. If you have a lot of self-confidence as well as faith in Islam, this will be an excellent aid application for your main application work. Worrying this application, consumers will definitely have the capability to function exceptionally without delay with their devices anywhere, anytime.

Famous Sutra Readers Re-read

Any kind of Muslim will definitely desire to have for themselves a person that mentions the scriptures with an excellent voice in addition to is really simple to pay attention to. Having a good address will undoubtedly continue to be beneficial for those who are new to application or have been doing application for a long time.

Quran Majeed – القران الكريم: Prayer Times & Athan Quran Majeed – القران الكريم: Prayer Times & Athan

The Ability to Easily Search for Scriptures

Simply just how can newbies situate circulations in exceptionally prolonged messages? The application has really provided its consumers the capacity to search for Bibles with simply one word they can keep in mind to resolve this problem in the best method feasible.

Several languages have been translated

Individuals must want to understand how to use the application to obtain the scriptures in their language. Along with the application’s makers have really tried exceptionally hard to maintain their consumers’ trust with 4 translations with English– the world’s most common language. Furthermore, consumers will promptly take advantage of the application with 45 translations in different languages on earth.

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Clock for Prayer

To have among one of the most trustworthy application sessions, application time will definitely be an added variable you can not ignore. As with this application, you will definitely acquire a Worldwide Prayer Time (Salah/Namaz) clock with Athan alarm system options. The various application timings almost guarantee that you will connect to your application seminar.

A Good Choice for Long-Term Memorization

Aside from fulfilling your requests, Bible knowledge will undoubtedly be necessary. That is why, in addition to providing its users with various audio techniques to optimize their memorization of scripture, the application has taken this into account. Setups such as replicating ayahs and surahs, selecting the number of repetitions and duration, as well as the price of the address, will undoubtedly be the best way to assist you in remembering the scriptures.

Quran Majeed – القران الكريم: Prayer Times & Athan Quran Majeed – القران الكريم: Prayer Times & Athan

There are several theme modes to choose from.

In the long run, to be able to produce the best request application, the interface feature will definitely be an important feature.

Quran Majeed Key Features

  • A request application with the world’s most eye-catching in addition to motivating voices taped online.
  • Many different languages, as high as 45 languages, have really been corresponded for punctual use.
  • Various sort of audio options to improve the memorization of sutras by far.
  • Different setups, concepts, tones will definitely be selected to improve the level of inspiration in application.
  • Search for scriptures exceptionally without delay through the filter in addition to search feature, additionally for just one word.


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